Current Projects

My personal research interests include commitment in couple relationships, romantic relationship formation, marriage, decision making during emerging adulthood (18-29 year olds), and Marriage and Family Therapy theory. I am currently exploring with my research team a new phenomenon in romantic relationship formation which I call just talking. With the substantial adoption of smartphones and the use of social media, emerging adults are communicating and forming relationships in unprecedented ways.

In January 2018 I finished writing a book with my colleague Dr. Alexandra Schmidt entitled Contextual Therapy: Clinical Applications for Family Health. This book is contracted through Routledge and is currently in the production process.

Currently I am collecting data and collaborating with Dr. Leah LeFebvre who is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Alabama.

Helpful Links About Dr. Sibley

Curriculum Vitae (click to download)

Northern Illinois University Faculty Page

ResearchGate Profile

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Turns, B. & Sibley, D. S. (revise and resubmit) Does maternal spanking lead to bullying behaviors at school? A longitudinal study
  • Turns, B., Springer, P. R., & Sibley, D. S., (revise and resubmit). Transparency as an intervention in family psychotherapy.

Manuscripts In Progress

  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum, A., Brown, C., LeFebvre, L. E., & Mallory, A. (in preparation). “We’re just talking”: Investigating a new trend in emerging adult romantic relationship formation.
  • LeFebvre, L. E. & Sibley, D. S. (in preparation). The impact of social media and technology on romantic relationship formation and rejection.
  • Springer, P. R., Turns, B., & Sibley, D. S. (in preparation). The need for transparency in family therapy supervision.
  • Sibley, D. S., Springer, P. R., Vennum, A. V., & McMillan, B. (in preparation). Investigating deciding factors of commitment leading to marriage: A qualitative inquiry.
  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum A., Stanley, S. M., Kahovec, A., R, Schraufnagel, H., Lupo, T., Roark, J., Stoffel, H., & Wilson, H.  (in preparation). Proceed with caution: How emerging adults are testing the water in just talking romantic relationships.
  • Sibley, D. S., Stoffel, H., Schraufnagel, H., Kahovec, A., & Roark, J. (in preparation). “The game’s rigged”: Exploring gender differences during emerging adulthood in just talking romantic relationships
  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum, A, & Hartenstein J. (in preparation). The theory of resilient commitment.

Books in Progress

  • Schmidt, A. E. & Sibley, D. S. (2018, in press). Contextual Therapy: Clinical Applications for Family Health. Book contracted for publication with Routledge.