Current Projects

My personal research interests include commitment in couple relationships, romantic relationship formation, marriage, decision-making during emerging adulthood (18-29 year olds), and Marriage and Family Therapy theory. I am currently exploring with my research team a new phenomenon in romantic relationship formation which I call just talking. With the substantial adoption of smartphones and the use of social media, emerging adults are communicating and forming relationships in unprecedented ways. I have been working on research related to just talking to romantic relationships since I was a doctoral student at Kansas State University. My major professor and mentor at Kansas State University Dr. Amber Vennum has been instrumental to this investigation

With my research team we are working on a qualitative project regarding the steps and stages of romantic relationship formation. We call this project the Romantic Relationship Formation Continuum. Since the path to a committed relationship and marriage has become more confusing and ambiguous, we are hoping to investigate some of the obstacles standing in the way of the coupling process. At the heart of this project is a focus on commitment and decision-making.

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Manuscripts In Progress

  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum, A., LeFebvre, L. E., Brown, C., (preparing for 3rd submission). “We’re just talking”: Investigating a new trend in emerging adult romantic relationship formation.
  • Sibley, D. S., Springer, P. R., Vennum, A. V., & Turns, B. (in preparation). Investigating deciding factors of commitment leading to marriage: A qualitative inquiry.
  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum, A, & Hartenstein J. (in preparation). The theory of resilient commitment.
  • Granger, K., & Sibley, D. S. (in preparation). The influence of father involvement on emerging adult daughters’ romantic relationships.
  • Sibley, D. S. (in preparation). Contextual therapy: A unique clinical framework for interveningwith adolescents and emerging adults.
  • Sibley, D. S., Vennum, A., & Stanley, S. M., (in preparation). Proceed with caution: How emerging adults are testing the water in just talking romantic relationships.
  • Sibley, D. S., & Vennum, A. (in preparation). “The game’s rigged”: Exploring genderdifferences during emerging adulthood in just talking romantic relationships.

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