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This page highlights my publications through books, research journal articles, and professional blog posts. For a current and complete listing of all my peer reviewed presentations you can visit my presented research page. Although my personal contribution to the field may be modest compared to some scholars, I hope to have my greatest impact in the lives of my students and therapy clients.

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On June 20th 2018 my first book was published. Written with my colleague Dr. Alexandra Schmidt Hulst, Contextual Therapy for Family Health: Clinical Applications is written for clinicians and addresses the balance of fairness in family relationships. Although this book was designed for clinicians (e.g. marriage and family therapists, psychologists, social workers, etc.), this knowledge could potentially be beneficial for anyone interested in how fairness impacts couple and family relationships. Contextual Therapy provides a powerful framework for conceptualizing the give-and-take in relationships, and highlights how violations of love, trust, and loyalty can impact in relationships. Clinicians intervene by validating each individuals perspective in the family system.

Contextual Therapy addresses the sense of entitlement that individuals have in their relationships. As individuals within the family system begin to recognize the perspectives of other family members, this can lead to great healing and understanding within relationships.

Part I of the book gives an overview of Contextual Therapy, including case conceptualization, assessment, intervention, and supervision. Part II of the book provides specific recommendations for incorporating contextual therapy in diverse settings. Case studies are included to illustrate how concepts such as justice, loyalty, and balanced giving and receiving impact the way families cope with health issues.

My hope is that this book will be a meaningful contribution and assist clinicians who work with individuals, couples, and families. Please contact me if you have any questions, would be interested in collaborating, or would like me to come provide a workshop to your organization about Contextual Therapy.

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